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Article: Republican Tax Plan and Debt
(added 2018-01-4)
Graph: President Trumps Budgetary Priorities
(added 2017-02-28)
Graph: Impact of Obamacare on the Number of Uninsured
(added 2017-02-24)
Graph: Democratic Presidents Outperform Republicans by Every Economic Measure
(added 2016-09-14)
Graph: Clinton v. Trump Polling by News Source, College Education, Living in a City, Working
(added 2016-09-07)
Graph: Actual vs. Perceived Violent Crime Rate
(added 2016-07-23)
Graph: Effects of the Clinton and Trump Tax Plans on the National Debt
(added 2016-07-17)
Graph: Margin of Victory Among College-Educated Voters in Presidential Elections
(added 2016-07-09)
Article: Yes, Bernie Does Have a Responsibility to Unify the Party. And so do you.
(added 2016-05-28)
Graph: What Trump Supporters Think About Women, Immigrants and Minorities
(added 2016-05-19)
Graph: Median Wealth by Country
(added 2016-05-12)
Graph: Education Spending Per-Student by Median Income
(added 2016-05-11)
Graph: Share of Wealth Held by the Bottom 90%
(added 2016-05-07)
Graph: Share of the Nations Wealth Held by the Top 0.1% and the Bottom 90%
(added 2016-04-17)
Graph: Income Growth Under Republicans and Democrats- Bottom 90%
(added 2016-03-26)
Graph: Income and Education by County
(added 2016-03-19)
Graph: Percentage of Social Spending Channeled through the Public Sector vs. Inequality
(added 2016-03-16)
Graph: Educational Attainment and Lifetime Earnings
(added 2016-03-13)
Graph: Teacher Pay and the Quality of Education
(added 2016-03-13)
Graph: Labor Force Participation by Region and Race (ages 25-64)
(added 2016-03-06)