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Economic Record: President Johnson

Name:Lyndon Johnson
Vice President:Hubert Humphrey
Entered Office:November 22, 1963
Left Office:January 20, 1969
  Photograph of Lyndon Johnson

Major economic events:



lbj gdp performance

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Source: BEA
Data: Excel

  The green line represents the GDP growth during the presidency of President Johnson. The orange line reflects the average rate of GDP growth since 1953.

Job Creation

lbj job creation

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Source: BLS
Data: Excel

  The green line represents the rate of the growth in the number of jobs under President Lyndon Johnson. The orange line reflects the average rate of growth in the number of jobs since 1953.

Median Income

lbj median income

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Source: Census
Data: Excel

  The orange line is the rate at which the median family income has increased on average since 1953 and the green line is how fast it increased under Johnson.

Debt as a Percentage of GDP

lbj debt

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Source: BEA   Treasury
Data: Excel

  This graph examines the way the debt shifted relative to GDP. The orange line shows what the debt would have been if it had started at the same level as it was at when President Johnson took office and had grown at the average rate. The green line shows what actually happened.

Stock Market

lbj stock market

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Source: Yahoo
Data: Excel

  This graph compares the performance of the S&P500 under President Johnson with the average.

Compared to Other Developed Countries

lbj gdp compared to world

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Source: USDA   University of Groningen
Data: Excel

  This shows how the GDP growth of the United States compared to the GDP growth in the other original NATO member countries. The other original NATO member countries are used as a benchmark because they have had relatively similar economic status to the United States during the entire period examined.

January 4, 2018

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