Graph depicting Stock Market Performance by Party- S&P 500
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Sources: Yahoo Finance

Last updated: April 14, 2015


S&P 500 Performance by the Party of the President

Description: This graph compares the performance of the S&P 500 that the modern day presidents from each party have experienced. The lines show the most recent 29 years of presidency for each party. The data is cumulative for each party, as if the years in which the other party held the White House had not intervened.

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Discussion: During the most recent 29 years during which Republicans have held the presidency, the value of the Dow has increased by 166%. During the Democratic presidencies, it has increased by 1894%- 11.4 times faster. The average growth in the value of the Dow under Democrats during this period has been 11.76% and under Republicans it has been 5.01%. (In case you are wondering, the reason the ratio is higher for the total is compounding.)

The differences are even more stark if you look only at the most recent 15 years for each party. During those years, the value of the Dow increased 14.5 times as fast as under Republicans.

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