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The goal of this site is to facilitate a more rational, data-driven, pragmatic approach to making political decisions. As voters, we tend to make political decisions intuitively based on the series of zingers, gaffes, slogans and personalities that the media floods our TV sets and monitors with. The result of that approach, we think everybody would agree, is not optimal.

Plenty of hard, objective, factual data is available to enable us to make much more informed decisions. The problem is, the most important data is often buried somewhere in a database file or journal article located deep within the rarely visited recesses of the websites of governmental agencies, think tanks and universities. We believe that part of the reason that we don't take the hard data into account when making political decisions is that it is too difficult to find it and process it into a usable format. This site aims to bridge that gap by collecting that sort of data and presenting it here in a more comprehensible form.

Politics That Work has no external source of funding and is not associated with any political party or organization of any kind. All opinions expressed here are our own.

Politics That Work's content has been cited by the New York Times, Salon, Marketwatch and Truth Out and has been published on the Huffington Post, Talking Points Memo, PoliticusUSA, Angry Bear and others.

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