Graph depicting Job Creation the Republican Governors Running for President
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Sources: BLS series CEU0000000001, SMU22000000000000001, SMU34000000000000001, SMU39000000000000001 and SMU55000000000000001

Data: Excel

Last updated: July 26, 2015


Republican Governors Running for President- Job Creation

Description: This graph shows how the number of jobs in Wisconsin, Ohio, New Jersey and Louisiana have grown under the leadership of Governors Scott Walker, John Kasich, Chris Christie and Bobby Jindal. The values shown represent the percentage increase in jobs in each state and are relative to the performance of the U.S. as a whole. For example, if the number of jobs in New Jersey had increased by the same percentage during Governor Christie's term as they did in the country as a whole, New Jersey would have 3% more jobs than it does today.

Discussion: All four sitting governors who are running for the Republican presidential nomination have significantly under-performed the country as a whole in terms of job creation. Walker and Christie have had particularly rough performances in terms of jobs. If New Jersey had added the same percentage of jobs during Christie's term, 95,204 more people in New Jersey would be employed today.

You can also see the GDP data for the governors here.

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