Graph depicting Colorado Unemployment by President
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Sources: BLS

Data: Excel

Last updated: January 18, 2015


Change in Colorado's Unemployment Rate by President

Description: This chart shows the change in the unemployment rate of Colorado broken down by president. Distance above the horizontal axis indicates an increase in unemployment and distance below indicates a decrease in unemployment.

Discussion: Colorado's unemployment rate barely changed during the presidencies of Carter, Reagan and Bush Sr., or at least it ended up about where it started during each of those presidencies. However, starting with Clinton's presidency, the pattern has been stark. Unemployment dropped more than 5% during the Clinton and Obama presidencies and rose 4% during the Bush Jr. presidency.

Another way to see the data is that every Democratic president has outperformed every Republican president in terms of Colorado's unemployment rate for at least the last 38 years.

It is also interesting to note that during Clinton's presidency, Colorado's unemployment rate fell from a relatively-typical 6% to an astoundingly low 2.6% then rose back up to 6.7% under Bush Jr.

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